Thinking about getting a new job?

The shift from your current job that you may be comfortable in, to a brand new job is a significant transition. Once settled into one working environment, with colleagues you know and a working routine that you’re accustomed to, breaking out of that and making a change can be daunting.  That next, new job could be better or worse! It’s a bit of a risk but it can also be really exciting.  There are new colleagues to meet and get to know, a new working environment, structure and hierarchy.  The role is different and your responsibilities now for a different organization and in a different setting to the one before.  It’s a chance to start fresh and to break out of any moulds or pigeon hole that you may have been placed in before. It’s also a learning opportunity where you can gain new skills, develop and grow.

Before making the move, get clear about why you are moving and what you are looking for. Try to understand what your motivations are and what you want from your next job.  If you are leaving your first role because you are bored, it’s useful to think about what you found boring about it and how to continue your learning and growth in your career.

Many people shift from job to job without really thinking about what they are after – so they jump into a new role thinking that they’ll learn more and normally they do learn something, but whether it’s taking them in the right direction and down the most efficient path to where they want to ultimately end up – who knows! Usually they haven’t thought about it and so we meander in a longwinded kind of way before reaching anywhere near where we want to get to.  Whether it’s a specialist in a certain area, starting your own business or getting to the top of the corporate tree – think about what you want, why you want it and how you’re going to get it.

Make sure that your next job is a stepping stone and that it is taking you in the right direction.  Hopping around from job to job without any career plan can work for a while but then one day you’ll wake up, wonder where all the years have gone and ask yourself why you haven’t really moved anywhere useful!   At Position Ignition, we see this far too often – so it’s much better, we believe, for you to start planning and thinking about these options earlier on.  Think about what your options are and what the best move is for you.

For more information before making that shift to get your next job try reading our eBook called How to Get the Job You Want. It’s designed to help you get clear about how to shift to a role that’s right for you.