How Working Holidays Can Impact Your Working Future

For most of us a holiday is a chance to relax and refresh but it can also be a time to reflect. We can use vacations to reflect on a range of things, including the way we spend our time back home. As holidays are so precious and so different to our day-to-day lives, they provide the perfect environment for envisioning what we might want to change once we’re back home – and that change could be to do with our work life.

There are many ways to explore potential new career options while we’re away. For example, we may want to sign up for quick course. It could be a one-off weekend affair or an evening course spanning several weeks, depending on how long our vacation is.

Doing something like this on holiday can prompt new behaviours once we’re back home, such as signing up for a longer-term course on the same subject. This could in turn lead to new habits such as actually leaving work on time one day a week to ensure we get to our class on time. And new habits can eventually become par for the course in our normal working week. At this stage our new working future may not yet be clear but we are at least making steps towards changing something in our current working lives.

We might also use our annual leave to find new people, new groups, perhaps a whole new community. Perhaps we choose to volunteer to do something we haven’t done before. It might be business-related, such as mentoring young people. It might be a support role in the local hospital or church of wherever you’re holidaying. It might to do with fundraising or organising an event in that location. Each of these activities can open up doors for future career opportunities by taking you into a new arena, giving you new experiences and helping you to forge new connections.

Yet even at this stage, having explored and experimented to such an extent, you still may not know where it all may lead. The most immediate impact of all of this will actually be on your energy levels. Are you finding yourself more energised as a result of pursuing a course or doing that voluntary work? Do you at least have more ideas about what you might want to do? Do you notice the difference between where you were before your holiday and where you are now?

Sometimes you hear or read about people who have a notion, go on a cookery course, realise they have a real talent for it and just go ahead and set themselves up as a modern-day Fanny Cradock, successfully leaving the corporate world of 9 to 5 behind forever. That’s fantastic and will happen to some of us but for many others it takes more time. Don’t give up on yourself and those new experiences and feelings you enjoyed on your holiday. Well of course you can give up on specific options that you’ve experimented with and explored but aren’t for you, but don’t give up on the overall habit of experimentation and exploration – your working future could depend on it.

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