Book Review: Job Interview Success – Be Your Own Coach by Jenny Rogers

Jenny Rogers is a well known coach, businesswoman, publisher and writer. She has written this book on a well-known subject but has brought a coaches eye to the topic. She covers a lot of ground in the book and there were three particular elements which show the value of this book to the literature in the field. The first of these is research.

On doing your research before a job interview, Rogers states that the person who does the most research is the one with the best chance of success. This point is very pertinent to the work that Position Ignition does with our clients. You have to focus significantly on how to undertake the research to make certain that when you go to the interview you’re in the best possible position. There are obvious things that you can research and there are less obvious things. Be curious and don’t sell yourself short in what you can find out. As we know, any interviewer will be impressed by people who’ve done their homework.

Secondly, the chapter on answering questions is also particularly useful and in somewhat of a different space to most content covering a similar subject. It stresses that in your responses to interview questions, it’s crucial to bring your capabilities to the fore. This is linked to the chapter on research. The more that you know about the organisation and the individual(s) that are meeting you, the more you will be able to link your capabilities to their agenda.

The book also helps the reader through some tricky areas of the interview experience, such as picking the right outfit, combatting nerves and giving presentations.

The third area that caught our eye covered assessment centres. It’s great to have some advice about assessment centres; what they are and how you prepare for them. So many prospective candidates for assessment centres ask about what they can prepare. This chapter advises the reader to look after themselves so they can be as energetic as possible in the build-up to an assessment centre. Basic things like eating a healthy breakfast. If you don’t take care of these basics, your concentration and energy levels may be stretched and you may not be able to put in your best performance. Assessment centres are unrelenting. There is rarely a moment when you are not being watched. Jenny Roger’s advice is simple and crucial.

Simon North is co-founder of Position Ignition, one of the UK’s leading Career Consulting Companies and specialists in the relationship that individuals have with their work.