7 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Current Role

It’s very easy for us to feel energised when we’re in a new job. We have new things to do, new goals to achieve and new relationships to foster. After a while though it all gets a bit samey and we can get quite bored and complacent. What can we do to breathe new life into our work?

1.       Seek to Do Tasks in New Ways

Whenever we create a new way of doing something it generates a feeling of excitement in us. It could be as useful as choosing to display data in a different way to the usual format. The problem is most of us don’t put much thought into how we do things. We start off doing something in a certain way and years later we’re still doing it the same old way. When you accept that you can do something differently, you get a surge of energy.

2.       Contribute to the Wider Team

There are going to be some things that occur to you that you can help with. Maybe you see colleagues doing something in a way that you could improve on. There’s also the chance to sit down with your team leader and ask them if you can do something beyond what’s included in your current remit. A manager is always happy when someone puts their hand up for something. When you do take on something new you get a real breath of fresh air into your job and it can seriously boost your career. Not only are you doing something interesting but you get others noticing that you’re doing something different.

3.       Volunteer For Something Outside of the Team

Maybe there is an organisation-wide project you know of that you could be involved in. You could talk to the project leaders to say you’d like to be involved in it. You would need to get it approved by your team leaders but if you can get them to sign off on it, it’s a fantastic way to experience something different, build new relationships and let people outside of your team know you’re good at what you do.

4.       Commit to Learning and Development

The amount of growth you have in your day-to-day job is what breathes new life in your role. You can’t expect someone else to take responsibility for that. Hopefully your employer will provide you with some training, but your learning and development is ultimately your responsibility. We’re not suggesting that you have to do something major every day. It’s more like brushing your teeth – it’s a habit that you find a way of building into your life. Explore a wide range of career boosting resources in our Career Ignition Club. These tools can help to fuel your career development and learning.

Commit to continuous learning, be that reading industry press more often or learning about new technologies pertinent to your industry.

5.       Change Things Up

If you’re still doing your day job the same way you did several years ago you’re standing still and probably going backwards. You don’t have to change everything you do but consider mixing things up a bit. Perhaps wear something to work that isn’t part of your usual business attire or schedule a meeting where you go to the park to walk and talk as opposed to just sitting in a stuffy meeting room yet again.

If this doesn’t feel like enough, perhaps it is time to consider a more drastic change. Would you feel more excited in a different line of work? Could it be worth exploring your options?

6.       Manage Your Energy Levels

If you don’t look after yourself and let your energy levels plummet, you can’t be surprised when you start finding it hard to be excited by what you do. Indeed, you might even end up suffering from stress. Take all of your allocated annual leave. Be sure to manage your time and your diary well so you don’t have to work ridiculously long hours. Exercise regularly and adopt healthy eating habits. Drink enough water each day to stay alert and hydrated.

7.       Adopt New Ideas

Where can you get new ideas from? Try looking to the people involved in what you do for inspiration. Look around you at your colleagues. Who do you think is really good? In other words, who’s an example of talent management and succession planning gone right? Who would you like to have a link to? What would you like to do with them if you were to link up? Ideas are like oxygen being pumped into your current role. If you can bring new thinking and new approaches to the table it will make you feel so much better.

If you’d like to explore other ways to re-energise your working life, then why not contact us for a FREE career consultation?